Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Post Xmas Shoppinks

I popped out to the various sales over the last couple of days. Clegs Fabrics in Melbourne have had their annual $5 pattern sale so I picked up the following:

Simplicity 2550 - high waisted dress with sleeve variations:

McCalls 6081 - I have a (possibly misguided) idea that this will make a good tripfit (long version of course):

Butterick 5315 - peterpan collar. That is all I need to say.

New Look 6886. I have some sweet green-and-flower wallpaper stripe that I want to try chevroning for view A.

New Look 6000. I actually bought this a few weeks ago and had a go at sewing it. Sadly I used a one way stretch - the wrong way! I'll have another go using it the right way, as even though it didn't fit it looks promising.

New Look 6968 - nice scarf/tie detail and li'l cap sleeves:

I also went to Spotlight and picked up a couple of Kwik Sew patterns at 1/2 price (Clegs don't carry them).
3726 - teddy and slip and 3761 a ruched-bodice summer frock

I also picked up a whole lotta shirring thread at $1 per spool (shirring ahoy!) and some variegated embroidery thread at the bargain price of $1 for a pack of 6 spools.

Oh, and I might've accidentally gone to Metro Sewing Centre and an new Elna 845 combo overlocker (serger) / coverstitch machine may have fallen into my bag...

I tried out a fine rolled hem on some silk habutai:

and a coverstitch hem on some ponti:

Can't wait to play more!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Makeup blogging

Oops, looks like I haven't made anything for the last month! I have really...

The weekend before last I made a frock for our work Christmas party held at the sumptuous Plaza Ballroom underneath the Regent Theatre.

I used some vintage-looking red brocade I've had sitting in the stash for some years. I used good ol' Vogue 9668 - unfortunately I made it a bit tight so had to take out the back midriff section, unpick the darts, and add a new slightly bigger one in... what a pain! But it all turned out nicely in the end

I also made a version of Made By Rae's free Buttercup Bag to go with the frock. I reduced it to 70% on the photocopier so it came out tiny - just right for my phone and keys.

A fine night was had by all!

This weekend I had the laziest Saturday - as in I did nothing bar read a book or two. I decided that Sunday should make up for it so I made a frock.

Last week I got a delivery from equilter of yards of fabric - so I preshrank some yesterday (OK, so I did one thing yesterday!). I got a couple of the Germania quilting fabrics - this one is a sort of petri dish arrangements of germlike things (the other looks like cell structures - haven't decided on what to make with that one yet).

I used New Look 6867 - it's rather like 6557, but with wider straps. I made view B, then decided to try the 'knots' - little bands that cinch the straps. I like the look so I'll keep them.

Then I decided I was on a roll so I should make another. Plus it rained and hailed today and 17c - it's meant to be Summer! No complaints here though, I hate hot weather.

So I got out this fab Tiki Totem quilting fabric and used another old reliable pattern - Butterick Retro 6522 - with New Look 6557 skirt. Such a quick sew this one!

One thing about all this rain - the garden sure is looking lush!

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Betty Jo

Long time no post, but I have been sewing, knitting, beading and travelling. Just not posting.

The Fabric Store kindly emailed $20 discount vouchers to customers (on purchases of $50 or more), so I went in and bought some large-scale houndstooth cotton/poly knit. I went through my patterns looking for something I hadn't made yet, as I recently realised I was making the same favourite patterns over and over. (I'm looking at you Stepfrock.)

I decided on McCall's 6568 here:
Here is the finished result:
and on me:
(sorry about the dark photo, it's been very gloomy in Sydney this week)
This was a very straight forward, easy pattern, especially in a stable knit fabric like this. I didn't put in a zip, as there is enough stretch in this fabric to pull it on over my head. I also changed the front skirt gathers into two darts.
I've named her Betty Jo, after the name written in pencil on the pattern. Love that!

Here is a better view of the fabric, although it is a bit darker than this in reality:
I sewed two buttons on the neckband for a bit of interest:
Here is a little frock I made recently for a friend's 3 year old daughter. It's Japanese quilting cotton. Little one loves owls!
I used my usual pinafore pattern, New Look 6578. I really need to branch out a bit.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Snakey McCrystal

At the same time I bought the red Ponti di Roma, I picked up some snakeskin print knit to make the so called 'perfect knit dress', McCall's 5974.

Is it perfect? Well, it is pretty comfortable and I do like the sashy-wrap business.
I altered the sleeves a bit by morphing the cut on sleeves from Butterick 5101 so that I didn't have to do set in sleeves - I'm pleased with how they turned out.

I also strung some crystal beads to make a three strand necklace.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Frock catch-up

*Updated with proper picture of red dress*

I've made a few things lately but been rather slack with the posting, so here are my last two weekends' efforts:

First up, a Halloween frock. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but I love the imagery. I wanted to wear this to work, so I didn't use any of my myriad skull fabric. This is one of the quilting prints I got this time last year from Beaver Creek Quilts. Good old Butterick 6522 again. I wore her on Friday and got some unsolicited compliments on public transport!

This picture of one of my kitties will give you an idea why I had to have that fabric!

The other frock was today's sewing. Kitty got some lovely red ponti at Spotlight during the week, so I nipped out and bought some too (I also bought some snakeskin knit fabric, which I started to cut out but it is a bit slippery so it is sitting half cut on my table).

It was screaming out for a Joan Holloway dress (don't you love how that's become code for a fab fitted retro frock?)
I dug this pattern out of my stash:

It's a 36, which is a size or two too small. So I did my lazy lady's grading and added 2cm to both the front and back centre seam/fold, did a bit of reshaping of the neckline so it wasn't too wide... and voila!

The instructions for that middle bit were a bit of a pain but it has worked out just fine.

Here it is on me. Do you think I need to dust my mirror?

And here she is on me!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lacey Shirrley

Livebird said in her comment on the last post that Moggy has become a "3D walking advertisment for fabrics I need to buy".

I present evidence to prove this is the case for me too:

(Actually may be exhibit 183. Moggy seems to find fabric I HAVE TO HAVE.)

When I saw this frock and that fabric, I had to have some, and Moggy obliged. Fortunately the shop where she bought it had some left in stock.

I made this Jiffy frock (Simplicity 4429) again, but this time I shirred the waist so I can wear it with or without a belt.
Thanks Moggy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week and last week

I popped into Rathdowne Remnants last Saturday and picked up some lovely silk twill in an ever-so-vintage print. I wanted something super simple - raglan sleeves, and perhaps a sash. I didn't have quite the right pattern in the right size, so I crossed the decades and frankenpatterned the top of Advance 8954 and the dressness of New Look 6461...

It turned out well - I've worn it twice already, and it has only just been a week!

I made another reversible purse at the same time:

I also had the urge for a cowl neck dress for some reason. Luckily Kitty had New Look 6470, and traced it off for me in time for my lightning visit to Sydney.

So yesterday I lengthened it to make a dress (no science to it, just kept the line going as it is a reasonably long top). Kitty advised to make the turnover on the cowl wider, which I did - I made it about 10cm wide. I used leftover knit from Olive Surplus. All up it took about an hour. I'm rather pleased how it turned out. Looks nice with the bolero thingy from the other week.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brocade McCall's 6030

Here is the brocade version of the frock from my last post.
I made the back skirt pleats into darts this time, and made 4 front skirt pleats instead of the 8 the pattern suggests. 2 bigger pleats on each side is more than enough for this stiff-ish fabric.

Since I took the photos I have tacked down the front and back facings so they don't roll out anymore. I might have to put some bra strap holders in because despite shortening the straps a little and narrowing the neckline a smidge, the frock's straps fall off my shoulders occasionally.

I made a little matchy clutch to carry too, with disco strap.

Moggy was in Sydney for work yesterday, and we met up for breakfast in Surry Hills, where she forced me to buy this wool blend at the Fabric Store. FORCED ME.
Might make a little coat.

Monday, September 27, 2010

1961 evening frock test

I have been invited to a formal occasion! Oh boy, have I been waiting for this day! Frockortunity!

I have this lovely blue and silver brocade, given to me by a manager at work. Her mother-in-law passed away last year, and sewed for most of her life. This manager kindly thought of me and gave me about 6 shopping bags of fabrics dating back to the 1960s! There are some nice ones (and some dud neon 80s ones too); this is one of the gems. Nice and sparkly!

I am testing patterns to make a 60s cocktail/evening frock...this is McCall's 6030.
I used the rest of the vintage fabric I used for this frock.
(That back strap is going to need a scoliosis adjustment, whoops. Didn't even notice until I saw the photos. I didn't do any adjustments to this pattern, but it needs the straps narrowed just a smidge I think, and there's a bit of wrinkling in the lower bodice that needs seeing to)

What do you think? A contender for the brocade?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handsome Dove

After commenting on Kitty's lovely popover re: not sewing my sludgy green frock I thought I may as well go and make a start on the frock, which I cut out yesterday.

I bought the pattern a year or so ago at Lost & Found in Smith St for the princely sum of $5. Mid seventies I'm thinking - I'm not a huge fan of the 70s, but some of the patterns can be great if you don't use orange and brown polyester. Unless you want to of course!

I got the fabric from the Vietnamese lady on Smith St yesterday - not sure of the fibre, it's a nice drapey knit.

Being a knit, I left out the zip. This meant it only took two albums to sew - Lost Souls by The Doves and Last Days of Wonder by The Handsome Family - hence her name (Handsome Dove) and the fact that she now exists when she didn't at 4pm.

As I hoped, she's turned out rather Joan Holloway. Hurrah!