Sunday, March 01, 2009


No, not me, how could I possibly dress any better (quiet there in the back row!).

I've been thinking about a bedroom makeover lately. Now, I'm one of these people who has a room which is less than pristine: clothes all over the place, every book I read in the last year stacked on the floor; you get the picture. Since I have the luxury of a spare room AND a delightful purpose-built sewing space, I could easily move most of my clothes and stuff to the spare room and have a more targeted approach to what lives in the bedroom.

It started when I was browsing eBay, and checked out the seller who sold me the fab atomic fabric I made my loungeroom curtains from.

It looks so fabulously 1940's boudoir. I showed it to Kitty and somehow we decided it would look marvellous as an upholstered bed head (and I already have some vintage bed jackets to wear with it!) I have a big old original brass bed (black and silver, no brass and white for me thanks!) that does somewhat dominate my small (4x3.6m) room. I have had it for 15 years or so, and parting with it now wouldn't pain me too much.

Surfing on the web showed me all sorts of ways that people had upholstered their bed heads, including using some IKEA frames as the basis. Here's one (I did the bounce test for sturdiness) which seems like a good basis for covering: Heimdal

So I'm contemplating. I haven't bought the fabric yet (oh Australian dollar, how I wish you were back at last year's levels!).I also looked at what upholstery stuff I have in the stash to see if anything is suitable. These ones are possibles:
First two are gen-u-ine vintage fabrics

Second two are repro Hawaiian barkcloths, bought when GJ fabrics always seemed to have some in stock (I have two frocks from other ones bought there):

Thoughts anyone? I know they aren't as spifftacular as the feathery one, but the great advantage is that I already possess them (says the lady who bought 17m of material yesterday)

I've also got a strange desire to get some Queen Anne stuff bits such a dressing table and bedside tables (in white). When I confessed this to Kitty, she did point out that was a very fifties look. So now I have half an eye out for such things...