Saturday, November 11, 2006

Humphrey B. Bear, Supermodel

Dress for Gioia. Little ladies need frocks too.

fabric detail - bluebirds, yay

Friday, November 10, 2006

big girl's blouse

Musings: peplum blouse from vintage pattern posted previously. Kimono sleeves - fun to make, not good if you want to lift your arms above shoulder level. I got a bit panicky and did 1cm side seams, because I thought it would be too small, now I'm thinking it might have looked better that way. Sewing - the never ending learning experience.

We do make our own frocks, honest

Dotty. New Look 6557 made with Michael Miller Ooh La Dots

You want stash?

I got stash right here pal!

2 yards

about 3 yards, with a couple of corazones cut out and appliqued on blacky hook and eye shirtdress, and a strip or two cut out for a belt.

Quite a bit left of this in black, also in light blue.

Plus 3 yards of this...and that's not nearly all. Ummm Ahhh

Thursday, November 09, 2006

More stash...

3 yards Route 66

3 yards Rose garden

2 3/4 yards Watercolour gardens

Wouldn't she be cute in this?

As mentioned, I'm not sure what to do the wrap in... but imagine this peeping out from the wrap!

We must workshop this one

wouldn't this one make a great picnic frock? Now, fabrics.......any suggestions?

We love flea markets!

Here's another one I want. Does it never end?

want want want want want

Is there anything better....

...than coming home to two parcels of gorgeoso fabric?

Record Covers! (4 yards for Ms Mog)

Palm Trees! (3 yds per moi)

Astro Dots! (6 yards to share)

From Fast Threads. Plus, free fat quarter and branded fast threads pen. BONUS!

Fabric on its way...

From Wish Upon A Quilt - ordered late Friday night Australian EST, delivered Thursday (I think: hopefully that is what is in those parcels waiting for me at the post office!) - what service!

3 yards black eiffel tower (for CW):

3 yards 30's playtime:

3 yards Flea Market Fancy:

3 yards pink eiffel (I realised I meant to order the pastel pink; never mind, i'm sure it will be lovely)

In the navy....

This will hopefully be a sarong dress before the weekend is through.
Note to self: fabric photographs poorly in the middle of the night

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


A match made in heaven?

Next cab off the rank

This rather unexciting looking dress (looks much better made up - see pattern review ) out of stretch leopard cotton woven stuff.

So many frocks, so little time

On the agenda:
The sarong in a navy, red and white vaguely hawaiian stretch cotton, perhaps with wider straps?
Westie in black poplin, with baby pink trim....
The sweetheart neckline, fuller skirt of the modern vogue pattern in posey weave....with red bias binding...mmmmmmm

Current OOL*

*Object of lust.

Westie... the trim, the yoke, the belt loops... the cunning way the facing is the yoke and trim!

For what we are here

To post frocks, inspiration for frocks, patterns and fabric both bought and lusted after.