Saturday, July 12, 2008

A-line experiment

Crazy, I know, but I realised recently that I don't have a black A-line skirt in my wardrobe! I think I got rid of the two I had in my last wardrobe cleanup.
I made this today, a plain pull-on A-line in cotton thierry knit, a scrap from this frock. I put faux pocket flaps on the front to make it less boring. I based it on the pattern from the high waisted tripfit skirts, but with a narrower waistband due to lack of fabric.
This wasn't the right fabric for this project; I think a less 'floppy' fabric would work better, but it will do for about the house, shopping etc.
I'm standing in that bizarre manner to show the A-line, as it flops down into a straight looking skirt unless I do an awkward 1960s style modelling pose.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Citrine, with pockets internal and external

I finished my coat. I am very happy with her - took her out for a road test to the theatre (highly recommended) this evening - the internal ticket pockets worked a treat!

The buttons aren't actually crooked, and there are four of them (bought at the Great Buttonmania Sale of '08). Lovely big grey carved deco looking numbers.

And here is her lining, which earnt her the name Citrine:

Monday, July 07, 2008

Pocket frock-it

It's almost that time of year again. The fifties fair is on again next month at Rose Seidler house in Sydney.

I made this frock yesterday, with the idea I would wear it to the fifties fair, weather permitting. Even weather not permitting really; I have cardigans. And many tiny umbrellas from Japan.
It's New Look 6699, view G bodice. Love you New Look! Call me! We'll have cake!

I lined the bodice with white stretch poplin, as the main fabric is stretch cotton sateen. Since I had a bit of the white poplin left over, I put side seam pockets in the skirt. I like them, it gives the dress a more casual feel.

I had a vintage pattern picked out for this fabric, but I thought the print might be too much in a full coverage bodice with cap sleeves. And so a sundress was born.