Saturday, September 04, 2010

One hour dress is one hour: and, sleeves looking for a dress

Today I tried the one-hour dress as seen on LSASPACEY's blog - I probably wouldn't have found it otherwise, and hers looks so lovely so I had to try.

It was quick and easy - half the time was measuring and drawing up the pattern, the actual sewing was a breeze (yay overlocker!). Doesn't look great without a belt, but that is no surprise. With it, it's cute - not as drapey on me though (when oh when will I learn to take decent pics of myself?). The fabric is a lace-print knit from my embarrassingly large stash.

Inspired by a bolero cardigan thingy Kitty bought, I decided I needed a little shrug bolero thingy. This turned out a bit like portable sleeves, but that is no bad thing! Here it is with the last posting's leopard wrap frock (note to self: don't wear a wrap dress on a windy day - I went up to the shop and Melbourne is having a w-i-i-i-i-i-ndy day today. Lucky I wear a slip as a matter of course!)

I used view D of McCalls 3033, with fold over elastic instead of using the scalloped edge of the lace... seeing as I wasn't using lace, y'know? I used a light lycra blend knit - not sure what fibre, maybe viscose (leftovers from something else). I think I'll make one in some green I have left over from something else else...


kitty said...

I shouldn't be surprised that when you think "I'll make a bolero out of knit fabric" you already have a pattern in stock. And yet I am.

Love love love the lace print! See, it's good to stash.

lsaspacey said...

I'm out of town visiting family and checked in to see what everyone was doing. What a happy surprise to see this shout-out! Your version looks great and I love the leather belt. Oh, thanks for saying mine was lovely too!