Saturday, September 01, 2007

Seeya sucker!

Today's frock, a gathered neck 60s sheath in floral seersucker - pattern and fabric purchased at the 50s fair! I shall wear her tonight, as seen in the pic. I will fix my hair first though, check out the frizzarama in that pic!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

More more more, how do you like it, how do you like it

Here are the six patterns that arrived yesterday, all ebay purchases. The slip is for Moggy, the rest are mine, all mine.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kitty haul part two - patterns

I cannot guarantee that this is now all that I bought this past weekend, I think we all know why.
Also, I arrived home tonight to 6 patterns in the mail. I'll save them for a later post.
Someone call Vintage Patterns Anonymous, immediately!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Kitty haul part one - fabric

Oh yes, there was a lot of SEX* this weekend!

The top one is some blue cherry print (from Spotlight) which I need to make in to a summer frock with pockets and rick rack, oh yes I do!
Next is some claret 100% wool jersey on a roll holding 10m of sew-in interfacing, both from Remnants Warehouse in Marrickville. Under that - from left: a very thick black stretch cotton; black stretch sateen (both from Cabramatta); red stretch cotton with a blossom print (from Remnants Warehouse); linen-y floral print; grey and black graphic rose stretch sateen (both from Cabramatta). I really should have organised this photo shoot more logically. Oh who am I kidding. Never gonna happen. Also, notice that Moggy and I obviously share very similar taste in fabric?

Below that is fifties fair fabric: black floral seersucker (oh yeah, pleated neckline sheath is calling this one) and Moggy kindly shared the rosebud stuff with me yay! I'm seeing a sassy wiggle something with that one.
The last pic is some stretchy bengaline stuff from Pitt trading in a fab steely blue, along with some 70s patterns I found there.
I'll attempt to post the rest of the patterns tomorrow, but no promises!

(*SEX = stash enhancement expeditions)

(Sheepishly edited to add photo of fabric I had totally forgotten I'd bought)

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Phew! What a corker!

This weekend could only be described as highly successful in the pattern and fabric acquisition stakes (and the mexican food eating stakes, if we want to be truthful).

Friday was Cabramatta: Lovely stretch sateen poplin with a grey and black graphic rose print, and some green tinged linen-like sorta art deco stuff.

Then to remnant warehouse for pink and white linen gingham, green rickrack for trim, plain white linen (for tea towels), and 4.5m of pink satin for slips and lining.

The next day was Pitt Trading for some wedgewood blue stretch bengaline and some 1950s home journals with 36B patterns in them (see slideshow on right). Then to Spotlight where I finally bought the stretch poplin with the big scribbley green and blue roses I have thought about for ages (it finally went down to $5/m).

Next day: fifties fair. More patterns (now on slidehow), some green spotted rayon, brown and black rose stripe, and this heavenly white and green stuff with rosebuds (we think they are rosebuds). Here is me pretending I'm going to actually think twice about buying it.