Sunday, April 03, 2011

Infinite dress - burda 7352

I went to a wedding recently where the bridesmaids wore infinite dresses, in black, all tied differently. I thought it would be fun to make one.
As I do, I wanted to make it NOW so I downloaded Burda 7352 from sewing

Of course that meant spending a whole lot of time printing and taping the pattern, but at least I could make it the next day instead of waiting for the pattern to arrive in the mail, right?

Here's the result. So fun to figure out the different configurations! Apologies for the phone pics; I made this frock a few weeks ago and thought I'd wait and take proper pics but seems I'm too lazy!

It looks nice with a sparkly vintage brooch:

The dress was quick and easy to make; no finishing! Because the wrong side of the fabric is visible when you tie the straps you have to cut cleanly. I used a heavy poly jersey. This version has a bodice piece unlike other versions I've seen which are just the skirt with two straps. I like the bodice because it gives a little more coverage. If I made another one I would put the straps closer together; they're fine, but I would prefer them to be touching where they attach to the bodice.

I'd also make the straps longer by about 30 cm, even though they are already long! I used the videos at two birds bridesmaids dresses to tie the different styles and the straps are too short for some of the styles I'd like to try. The frocks the bridesmaids wore which made me want to make this were from two birds, and they looked gorgeous! Such a good idea! Mmm, might make a black one, with my modifications...