Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today I made another shirtwaister from the same pattern in the previous post. This fabric I bought at the fifties fair two, maybe more years ago.
The fabric was only 90cm wide and 2.5 metres long, so sadly three quarter sleeves were not an option.

It's been a dark and rainy day today. Perfect for a day in front of the sewing machine, but sadly not so good for photos of frocks. The flash has weirded out the colour. I'll try to take a photo during the day and update this post when the sun comes out next.

Newsflash! Now with outdoor in the sun shot.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


When Moggy and I are buying fabric, more often than not the same fabric, we always discuss what sort of frock each piece should become. Moggy immediately pronounced this fabric must be a shirtdress when we saw it in Tokyo, and she was right.

I have made a plain black version of this pattern before, with some appliqued corazon hearts on the front, and with hook and eye tape instead of a zip. I wore that last weekend for the first time in ages, and decided it was just the pattern for this print.

And, already muslined! Yay!

I left out the front pleat on the skirt (not enough fabric and not really needed with the loud print) and shortened the sleeves to three quarter, on Moggy's suggestion. What would I do without you Moggy? I think the sleeve length is just right. I kept the cuffs, and amazed myself by remembering to make them a bit larger because the upper forearm is thicker than the wrist. These are things I usually forget, despite my anatomy training. I use a different side of my brain for sewing, obviously.

I think I'll wear her with the belt. Nicer, no?

Moggy and I give our frocks names, so when we are discussing what to wear to an event, we have a shorthand so we know which frocks we're talking about. I'm a bit stuck for a name for this one. Hopefully one will come to me. Any suggestions accepted gratefully.

I shall wear her out to see my friend's band tonight. With shoes I bought in Japan. Yay.