Monday, April 26, 2010

Shopping (sorta) Fail

I've just come back from four weeks in the USA (California, Arizona, New Mexico) and did very minimal stuff shopping - even though I did visit the LA Fabric district (huge!) a JoAnn's or two (99c patterns! But only Simplicity!).

I bought three pairs of the same shoes from Re-Mix (in red, olive green and black):

3 yards of fabric from Michael Levine in the fabric district:

One 99c pattern from JoAnn's (pretty similar to the Vogue fauxlero, but nice cowly bit):

and... an iPad fell in my bag. Oops.

I did also eat lots of tasty foods and drove up Route 66 and went on 360 degree roller coasters and saw lovely rocks and the Grand Canyon and mid-century houses in Palm Springs and general silliness in Las Vegas and lovely Santa Fe and Albuquerque and Ham the Space Monkey's suit and capsule and a Sputnik and the site of the atomic bomb testing and Smokey the Bear museum and Zion National Park and Monument Valley and lava and White Sands and and and....

Pattern purchases at the Vintage Show

I went to the Sydney Vintage Clothing, Jewellery and Textiles Show last weekend. I managed to go on the opening Friday night, which I have always wanted to do.
It was good as usual, but I didn't find any have-to-have fabrics or accessories. I did try on a pair of vintage 40s shoes which were gorgeous and fit me perfectly, but they were well out of my price range.

These patterns were in my price range though.
I'm going through a 60s shift/sheath phase, in my mind.
In my mind because after 3 and a half weeks of house guests, there has been no sewing here.

No sewing on this public holiday either. Too many sheets and towels to wash, and I still have to set up my sewing room again.

I had to buy Style 2323 (below), because it is the same as the dress I copied in this post. It will be fun to compare my drafted pattern to this one. Once the washing is done.