Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brocade McCall's 6030

Here is the brocade version of the frock from my last post.
I made the back skirt pleats into darts this time, and made 4 front skirt pleats instead of the 8 the pattern suggests. 2 bigger pleats on each side is more than enough for this stiff-ish fabric.

Since I took the photos I have tacked down the front and back facings so they don't roll out anymore. I might have to put some bra strap holders in because despite shortening the straps a little and narrowing the neckline a smidge, the frock's straps fall off my shoulders occasionally.

I made a little matchy clutch to carry too, with disco strap.

Moggy was in Sydney for work yesterday, and we met up for breakfast in Surry Hills, where she forced me to buy this wool blend at the Fabric Store. FORCED ME.
Might make a little coat.