Saturday, May 24, 2008


I'm done with the shirtdresses, but not yet done with three quarter sleeves with cuffs it seems. I am on a mission to make winter dresses I can use for tripfits, as this is a big travel year for me. This is Vogue 8409, view A, in a dark grey viscose knit. It's not finished yet, there's still some basting showing, it's not hemmed and I haven't handstitched the cuff facings up, so they're just folded inside in this photo.
The pattern is for wovens, so I traced off a size smaller than I usually would, and pinned out the darts on the pattern. I left out the zip, so I cut the bodice back, band back and skirt back on the fold. I also didn't use the band facing, because this fabric is quite thick and it would have been too bulky. I also overlocked and turned the neckline and back neck edges, instead of using facings. Pfft, who needs facings?
I will overlock and turn the hem too, and I quite like this length, so it will be my usual teeny hem.
Edited to add finished photos, on my way out to dinner tonight.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Why I didn't sew this weekend...

...because I was cleaning /reorganising the front room into Guest Quarters / Computer room thingummy setup.

I'm sure it doesn't sound much, but there was a LOT of stuff in there... now it is all somewhere else (out of sight, out of mind for the moment). But I can see all my sewing books! Hoorah!

Still lots more organising to go though.