Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Look 6736

I bought this stretch cotton sateen from Gertie's etsy shop.  Gertie described it as "Shaheeny" and I thought it would make a great sarong dress and also I loved it.  I love Shaheen frocks. 

I have a mildly fancy frockortunity coming up, so I decided to put this fabric to work.

When I was play-gathering the fabric, the wide bands of darker colour looked a bit too diagonal, so in the end I let the fabric be the star and decided to make a plain sheath dress.

This is New Look 6736, which I've made a couple of times before.  I always leave out the neckline notch because I prefer it plain.  I put a zip in the mid-back because I only had a 14 inch zip, and I like how the back neckline looks neater that way.

Forgive the wrinkles; I should get a camera remote because running back and forth with a 10 second self-timer doesn't give me enough time to re-smooth.  When I walk it doesn't crinkle up like that.  

LOL at the different bangles in pics one and three.  I was trying to decide which went best.  Which do you think?  Bamboo or beads?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Look 6013

This is New Look 6013, view D, made in mesh knit.  I bought the mesh snake print from ebay.  I folded out all the darts (including the bust darts) after I traced the pattern.  The raglan sleeves are also a meshy knit, some metalicus fabric Moggy found in Melbourne.  The snake mesh is quite sheer, so I have to wear a slip.  I am too lazy to line.  Don't judge!  I like wearing slips.  There, I said it.

Here it is on Betty Dressup:


I kept the centre back seam in case I needed to shape it more, but I didn't have to.  This is a nice, easy pattern, and being New Look, no crazy extra ease.

I constructed all the seams on the overlocker, and coverstitched the hems and neckline using my Coverpro 1000CPX.  I love that machine.