Sunday, January 11, 2009

Can you tell I didn't make this?

I've been after an additional kitteh for a while now. Since the other one is a six year old boy, I was advised to get a youngish female. I love the tabby, so I was waiting for a 10-14 month old female tabby. Lo and behold the RSPCA had a couple o' kittehs fitting the bill advertised last week. One was snapped up before I could even get there, but this little one year old number was still there.

Meet (cue The Damned singing Eloise)

She's still in quarantine in the front room since she just got the snip, and she and Reebs have to be slowly introduced to each other (there's been a bit of sniffing under doors, but that is it so far). She's a calm kitty, and I'm please to say she has a nice loud and constant purr.