Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hearty sweetheart sweetness

I realised this week that I hadn't made a frock for the fifties fair (next weekend) and I don't have any in reserve. So I spent today making this:
It's a Butterick Retro '50 - Butterick 6522 which I made before in lace (and in something else, but I can't remember what). It must have been some time ago, because the pattern was a size or two too small, but I just placed the centre back and centre front 2cm in from the fold and voila - fits perfectly.

I made it from a crepe-y black knit - turned out to be a good choice as it is nice and drapey and also I didn't need to put a zip in (yay!). I'm letting it hang for a while before I hem it. I may need to put in thread chain belt loops, or maybe stabilise the waist with some elastic.

The extra heart-ness is thanks to my trusty embroidery machine. I got the heart from Urban Threads (this one, minus the wings).

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Noro socks

I interrupted my owly knitting to knit some socks for a friend having surgery this week. I used Noro Kureyon sock yarn, in colourway number S184. I knit using both ends of the ball of wool alternately every 4 rows to get the small stripes. The second sock should have gone more quickly, but there were snarls the size of golf balls in the middle of the ball which took me ages each time to untangle. I ended up just cutting the snarls free and carrying on, which I thought was clever until I started running out of yarn and had to untangle them anyway.

Look like they fit, huh?

They do! Until I stand up. Here's what socks knit for size 11 feet look like (with gravity) on size 6.5 feet:

All wrapped up in ribbon, ready for giving: