Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stash Extension Machine

As one would expect when Moggy and Kitty are in the same city, we shopped for fabric...

On Friday I bought some $5 patterns from Clegs:

And one from Spotlight today (all patterns half price - Clegs don't have Kwik Sew). I am trusting that, in the usual way, Kwik Sew looks better made up than they do on the not-very-appealing pictures in the catalogue:

Bought some lovely 'ghostly cherry' fabric - this is a fine white fabric with translucent pink cherries with green leaves (thinking a full-skirted shirtdress from this one)
I also bought some navy blue stretch bengaline, which I hope to make a sailor frock from (don't have a pattern, I am hoping to fudge one somehow).

Some patterns arrived from the Out of The Ashes in the USA that I ordered the other week - some vintage and one just OOP:

As did some lovely fabric from Contemporary Cloth (which, oddly, is actually designed in Sydney but cheaper to buy from the USA):