Saturday, December 22, 2007

My new sewing room, let me show you it

Sigh. I've sewn 3/4 of a dress and one small curtain so far, and it is ace! Now contemplating options for storage, and amazing myself at just how much fabric I have (it's been hiding in the front room for years, naughty fabric!).

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tripfits #2

I made a start on my tripfits already, and made the maggy london twist dress out of some cotton jersey. If it washes well, it may make it to the coveted status of tripfit. It is big enough to wear layers underneath if it gets cold. Not the most flattering photo of it, it looks kinda baggy and daggy. I think (hope) it looks better in person!?

Tripfits concepts

So, Kitty and I accidently booked a trip to Tokyo (whoops! how did that happen?) so y'all going to suffer tripfit concepts, muslins, failed muslin despair, the joy of the successful concept... prepare thyself!

My current thinking is:

*foldover waistband knit pencil skirt inspired by Mela Purdie (who rudely no longer have it on their site).
* doubleknit jacket from stretch & sew blazer 1025 or 1050 set in sleeve jacket
* maggie london twist dress
*shirtdress from some kinda thick knit

...and that's all at the moment.