Friday, October 22, 2010

Lacey Shirrley

Livebird said in her comment on the last post that Moggy has become a "3D walking advertisment for fabrics I need to buy".

I present evidence to prove this is the case for me too:

(Actually may be exhibit 183. Moggy seems to find fabric I HAVE TO HAVE.)

When I saw this frock and that fabric, I had to have some, and Moggy obliged. Fortunately the shop where she bought it had some left in stock.

I made this Jiffy frock (Simplicity 4429) again, but this time I shirred the waist so I can wear it with or without a belt.
Thanks Moggy!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week and last week

I popped into Rathdowne Remnants last Saturday and picked up some lovely silk twill in an ever-so-vintage print. I wanted something super simple - raglan sleeves, and perhaps a sash. I didn't have quite the right pattern in the right size, so I crossed the decades and frankenpatterned the top of Advance 8954 and the dressness of New Look 6461...

It turned out well - I've worn it twice already, and it has only just been a week!

I made another reversible purse at the same time:

I also had the urge for a cowl neck dress for some reason. Luckily Kitty had New Look 6470, and traced it off for me in time for my lightning visit to Sydney.

So yesterday I lengthened it to make a dress (no science to it, just kept the line going as it is a reasonably long top). Kitty advised to make the turnover on the cowl wider, which I did - I made it about 10cm wide. I used leftover knit from Olive Surplus. All up it took about an hour. I'm rather pleased how it turned out. Looks nice with the bolero thingy from the other week.