Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tripfits probable and possible

In order to make up for my terrible sewing neglect lately, today I made two things:

#1 - the much-sewed on PR New Look 6429 Surplice Dress (otherwise known as the Fauxwrap)

I've had this cut out and sitting on my cutting table for WEEKS. As someone said on PR, it feels like it takes longer to cut than to sew...
I finished the neckline with fold over elastic - makes it sit nicely methinks. It is very comfy and a little bit dressy. I'm going to Paris and Rome, so I felt I should make some effort...

#2 - fishtail skirt. My convertible skirt (Kitty's version there) was meant to be going on holiday with me, but it's gone all funny and wants to slip down while walking (hello, Victoria Markets potential knicker-exposing incident!) so I decided I would need to rethink the black skirts. And then I found my wool jersey fishtail skirt has some little holes in it... anyway... so I decided to make another fishtail skirt.

This one is from some nice drapey knit crepe. I left out the zip and put a smooth wide elastic waistband in, as well as lengthening by 10cm (although I may reduce that a bit, it is just overlocked for now).

Edited to add: the pattern is Butterick 4859
Did I mention it is a really bad picture?

I think I will make a pencil skirt from the leftovers of the doubleknit coat (which I have worn a bit and am loving).

Next: red poplin wrap shirt from Vogue 2863. And before you ask, I'm not intending to make the capris...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Rapt in fabric

I picked up these two fabrics at Remnant Warehouse the other day. The black is a rayon/poly jersey with built in ruffles and the stripe is a rayon woven. I'm thinking of making a pussy-bow blouse with the stripey black and white, and a wrap cardigan with the ruffly jersey.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jumper jumper

I did end up wearing tweedy last night. I put a thin jumper under it, (it was chilly) and I was happy.