Friday, May 21, 2010

Tell the bride the wedding can go ahead!

Thank you interweb friends, for your sympathy and your suggestions on how to fix this frock.
I bit the bullet and took Lsaspacey's advice (special 'mwah' to you!), and released the front darts, even though this meant undoing the overlocked and hand-stitched hem and pulling off the interlining. Ugh.

But it's worth it to have a wearable dress! I can move! (and eat, and laugh, and sit...)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Salvage operation

Yesterday's frock again.

I took out the zip, and clawed back about a centimetre of ease by sewing it back in on a smaller seam allowance. Of course the zip was one of the best I'd ever done, and *sob* it's not as neat and even now. (no one else will notice, but still, annoyment).

It feels a bit better, but doesn't look too different. I might make a stand-by frock from the rest of this fabric (because, Carol-of-the-comments, I do want to eat at the wedding...why else does one go to a wedding if not for a free feed?)

I shall shop the pattern stash.