Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sister Navy of the Beutrons, reprised. Plus - Sydney Vintage Fair Kittyhaul

I made this frock last year, but I never wore it. I think it was the huuuuge collar. It was too much for me.
So I gave it to my friend S, who has been wearing it and loves it. She can handle the hugeness and whiteness of the collar, yay!

I still love the dress, so I made another for myself this weekend only I cut the collar quite a bit smaller. I also left a bit more room across the chest, but may have taken it in a bit too much around the waist...I'll see how I go but I may have to let it out a bit.
Moggy and I have been doing the mid-zip lately. I like a back zip myself, as I find side zips often go a bit bumpy and ruin the line of the frock on me (probably because I make my frocks too tight!) but having a zip going right to the back neckline often looks a bit messy at the top, at least when I do it with my patented slapdash methods. The mid-back zip is the perfect solution, as long as the neckline has enough room for your head to pass through. Here's a pic of the mid-zip on this frock:
Neat! Only after I had finished the frock did I realise that I now have to pull it over my head, so I will have to be careful about makeup smudges on that white collar. A zip right up to the top like I put in the first version, allowing me to step into and out of the frock, would have been more practical. D'oh!

Moggy came up to Sydney last weekend and we went to the Sydney Vintage Fair. Here's the Kittyhaul:
One frock pattern with nice drapey bodice detail; 3.7 metres of 70s floral cotton seersucker; a gorgeous handbag; and a barkcloth curtain, about 2 metres in length, which I plan to hang on the wall. Lovely!
It was nice to meet a couple of you at the fair, who recognised our frocks! Thanks for saying hello!