Saturday, January 02, 2010

Home sewing

Moving house has meant mostly home dec sewing for me lately. Busy busy busy!

I have 'prepared' curtains. Hemming and clipping them up, putting a bit of lining behind them is barely 'making' curtains. Fabric on the smaller window is vintage, the dandelion print is from ikea.

We bought an outdoor dining setting from ikea, and painted it white. I dipped into the stash to make some tropical cushions for it, and we used it when we had friends over for New Year's Eve.
It pleases me.

I've also finished the moderne baby blanket for friends whose baby may arrive anytime now. It's a bit wonky, due to the instructions saying to pick up stitches one for one to start the next block, even from the edge rows. There may be an errata somewhere, but I didn't see it when I started this months ago, so I started out doing that, before remembering that knit stitches are wider than they are tall, so that trick never works. Hence the wonk. I am choosing to see it as 'hand crafted charm'.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Tripfits Twenty-Ten

Now that the new year has ticked over, it is less than three months until my USA holiday so tripfits must be made!
It's been horribly hot and sticky lately which means I can just about make myself cut out things but don't feel much like actual sewing - luckily it is lovely and cool today so I took advantage of the weather to make a dress:
It's made from a mystery knit from the shop up the road - I did the burn test and got a sort of hair-paper smell and a bit of melty stuff so who knows! It has a nice drape, and doesn't crush - so good prospect for a travel frock. It's a teeny bit low for day wear, but I'll be making some nice straight-across slips so that should be fine.

Item #2 is a travel skirt from this Vogue Pattern, using the same fabric. I lengthened the skirt 15cm as the original was a bit short:

The annual Cleg's $5 pattern sale was on Boxing Day so I went and got a big bunch o'patterns. As well as the two above I also got: