Sunday, October 17, 2010

This week and last week

I popped into Rathdowne Remnants last Saturday and picked up some lovely silk twill in an ever-so-vintage print. I wanted something super simple - raglan sleeves, and perhaps a sash. I didn't have quite the right pattern in the right size, so I crossed the decades and frankenpatterned the top of Advance 8954 and the dressness of New Look 6461...

It turned out well - I've worn it twice already, and it has only just been a week!

I made another reversible purse at the same time:

I also had the urge for a cowl neck dress for some reason. Luckily Kitty had New Look 6470, and traced it off for me in time for my lightning visit to Sydney.

So yesterday I lengthened it to make a dress (no science to it, just kept the line going as it is a reasonably long top). Kitty advised to make the turnover on the cowl wider, which I did - I made it about 10cm wide. I used leftover knit from Olive Surplus. All up it took about an hour. I'm rather pleased how it turned out. Looks nice with the bolero thingy from the other week.


Gail said...

the olive dress looks great. It deserves a better photograph. Your vintage patterns are interestign.

livebird said...

Basically, Moggy, you've become a 3D walking advertisment for fabrics I need to buy. Never got that loud sateen but maybe I'll get some silk twill in my grubby, covetous clutches. BWOOOOAHHAHHHAA.