Saturday, January 10, 2015

Butterick 4607

I made another thing which is not a double knit boat-neck frock so I felt I could blog it.

I have been looking for some wobbly rayon challis to make a button front shirt, but not having much luck finding prints I like. Anybody seen any cute prints, which are not multicoloured florals?

I found this cotton voile at Spotlight and there was 1.4 metres left on the bolt, which was enough to make this shirt, minus the front and back yokes.  I would have had enough to make pockets, but nah.  I'm happy with the print as it is.

I used my vintage buttonholer again, ahhhh so easy and fun!  I also sewed on the buttons using my sewing machine. WHY WASN'T I TOLD THIS WAS SO EASY?

I used the method I saw in this youtube tutorial: 

using my new-to-me Bernina 801 I got for $37 at our local auctions!  Hurrah!  I took the presser foot off and used my low shank adaptor.  It worked perfectly.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

A year, you say?

We're still here.  Still sewing.  Not been blogging, obviously.

I've mostly been making ponte boat neck frocks and tops, so not great blogging material; great wardrobe material though.

This weekend I made a Jenna cardi in orange merino (from the Remnant Warehouse).  I chose the gathered yoke, waist length, full length sleeve version and used vintage buttons from my button jar. I was a bit nervous about doing the buttonholes.  I don't think I've ever done buttonholes on a knit jersey before.

I thought it would be interesting to try out the singer buttonholer I've had sitting around for a couple of years and never used.

I did some practise buttonholes on scraps first:

and then jumped in.  Of course I got the placement wrong on the first buttonhole on the actual cardigan and had to unpick it, grrr!  Which made some holes in the merino of course.  So the first buttonhole is messy now, but it's all learning, right?  

The finished cardigan:

The sleeves are a bit too wide, but I've run out of orange thread so I will take them in later.  The hem band at the waist is a little out of alignment too, even though I was careful; not sure what happened there, although by the time I get to wear it I might have forgotten about it.  That's what I get for sewing winter clothes in summer.  I'll probably wear it with the lower buttons unbuttoned too, so it won't be obvious hopefully.

I love this pattern!  I have some gorgeous magenta wool jersey (also from the Remnant Warehouse) which I think I will use to make my next version, once I decide on hip or waist length, three quarter or long sleeve, gathered yoke or no....