Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wool Knit (not thick knit) TripFit

Tripfit #2 - another black knit skirt, but this one is in a lighter wool knit (I think it is wool; I got it from the Vietnamese lady on Smith St, and she didn't know what it was made of. I did a burn test and it smelt like burning hair and wouldn't keep a flame, so I think it is wool).

This is a super easy pattern - three pieces (one front, two backs) with a nice fishtail effect. It's meant to be cut on the bias, but I didn't because it was knit. It has an elastic waistband, but not one of those bunchy ones - it is nice and smooth. It is McCalls 3296, now out of print

Being black, it doesn't photograph well, but here is the best pic I could get of the back.

I like it. I might go back during the week and get some more of this to make a wrap top-jacket thing as this has a nice drape. For $3/m, I'm even happier!