Saturday, September 04, 2010

One hour dress is one hour: and, sleeves looking for a dress

Today I tried the one-hour dress as seen on LSASPACEY's blog - I probably wouldn't have found it otherwise, and hers looks so lovely so I had to try.

It was quick and easy - half the time was measuring and drawing up the pattern, the actual sewing was a breeze (yay overlocker!). Doesn't look great without a belt, but that is no surprise. With it, it's cute - not as drapey on me though (when oh when will I learn to take decent pics of myself?). The fabric is a lace-print knit from my embarrassingly large stash.

Inspired by a bolero cardigan thingy Kitty bought, I decided I needed a little shrug bolero thingy. This turned out a bit like portable sleeves, but that is no bad thing! Here it is with the last posting's leopard wrap frock (note to self: don't wear a wrap dress on a windy day - I went up to the shop and Melbourne is having a w-i-i-i-i-i-ndy day today. Lucky I wear a slip as a matter of course!)

I used view D of McCalls 3033, with fold over elastic instead of using the scalloped edge of the lace... seeing as I wasn't using lace, y'know? I used a light lycra blend knit - not sure what fibre, maybe viscose (leftovers from something else). I think I'll make one in some green I have left over from something else else...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fifties Fair 2010. Kittyhaul!

It was the Fifties Fair today at Rose Seidler house, hurrah!

(I've been playing with the hipstamatic app on my new iPhone, which explains the above photo of the house. If you are into such things you must get it, it's super fun)

Moggy and her Mr J came along; I finally met Livebird and the Curmudgeon; a grand time was had.

I bought a nice scarf:
I couldn't resist these vintage fabrics, frock lengths:
and this is what I wore:
I made this frock last Saturday night while watching the election coverage. The frock was finished on the night, unlike the election. (Moggy has an uncanny knack of making me look like a robot in photos. I don't know how she does it. She's done it before. I honestly don't know what I was doing with my hands here.) Anyway, I used this 1962 pattern (not 50s I know. I'm a rebel):
I didn't have enough fabric for the panel, which is actually sewn all down the front of the frock. Intweeging.