Sunday, July 15, 2007

Here's one I prepared earlier

Since my sewing room is out of commission at the moment, I feel I need to post some frocks I made before (I don't think I have posted any of them before ...)
First cab off the rank is a delightful sundress in scary evil circus clown print (having rampant coulraphobia, how could I resist?). This is from a fifties-looking-but-actually-seventies pattern I can't find an image of at the mo, but I have made at least four dresses from it. I love a midriff panel!

Next we have a barkcloth sarong dress with flying back panel, made specifically to go to the tiki bar in Richmond, and after seeing a fabulous exhibition of fifties hawaiian resort wear at the museum. This one was adapted from a retro simplicity pattern.

And last we have Eiffel, made from the ever-popular Vogue 9668 pattern, with pink bias binding. I love bias binding too. I love a lot of things.

Oh by the way, for those of you who haven't met her, that is Easi Jane, my vintage dressmaker form (I won't call her a dummy, she's a very talented lady).