Saturday, October 06, 2007

Spottie Hot Bodice

This pattern arrived in the mail yesterday (oh ebay, how I love ye) and I made her up in red/white spot as a muslin today. The intention was to make the 'real' version in the rosebud fabric we bought at the fifties fair, but I don't know if I will now. The dress feels a bit 'fiddly' to wear, it has a strange strapless sort of arrangement under those straps which feels a bit insecure. Also, four billion darts and I'm not exaggerating!

Don't worry, ebay has come up with another pattern which will be perfect for rosebud! (details if and when I win the auction).

(Edited the next day to add a photo of the back straps, and to say: I was a bit grumpy after my darting marathon yesterday, and I can see today how this frock looks almost exactly as it does on the pattern envelope. That's pretty rare, so I am happy)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So, see, I was at the vietnamese lady's shop looking for lace for my silk satin, see, and, well, I saw this green suedey-twill stuff with satin backing on the other side, and it was like 4 bucks a metre, and it had stretch, man, even though it was woven, y'know? Anyway I accidently bought 4 metres of it (I was doing my washing at the laundromat over the road, I had to fill in the time, so sue me!).

Anyway, I brought it home and didn't know what to do with it. Then I went looking in my pattern drawer and found this, dig? Well, OK, so it is a size too small, but I thought, man, ain't that what stretch wovens are like MADE for? So I did it. And I'm not sorry I did, in fact I am PROUD. So there. I wore it to the art gallery and out to dinner and everything and I DON'T CARE WHO SAW ME.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Yeeeha! It's western day! (now with full length jacket pic)

I should really have pressed this first, but when Mr M has time available to model, well, you have to take it.

Another brown western shirt, from a 70s pattern this time, and a dark chocolate colour. I like the slim fit, and Mr M says he likes it. Brown is apparently the hardest colour to find in a plain western style shirt, so Mr M says. He would know.

Frocks are so much more fun to make! Did I really promise him a corduroy one of these? I think I shall have to beg off, due to warm weather, and urgent frock making requirements. He won't be wearing corduroy shirts again for at least 8 months anyway.

I bought a leather jacket at St Vinnie's today, blazer length, with patch pockets. It's western style too. I have yokes on the brain.
(Edited to add, by popular demand, full pic of jacket and pocket detail, and to beg appreciation for modelling it on a 31 degree day. You're welcome, Moggy)