Saturday, July 14, 2007

I bought these at 11 in the morning, honest!

Yay, got my Building Blocks material this morning. The floral is very green, I shall consider if it needs some thing between it and me.

I also bought these patterns on eBay, how could I resist them? I love Buy It Now on eBay, not as stressful. I have heard good things about these mail order patterns (the ones on Kitty's post below are mail order too) and I think one with the green background will make a lovely housedress. I like the idea of cut-on sleeves on the peter pan collared one too, I am not fond of setting in sleeves... I've asked the nice eBay seller to tell me if she has any other B36 or B38s lying around before she sends me this lot (they were each $4 or $5, so good prices). One or more of these may be made in one or more of the above...

Pattern buying frenzy at frock and roll

Midnight is the pattern witching hour here at "I wanna frock and roll all night". Dangerous amounts of pattern buying go on. Here is a mere selection of the latest purchases. The Anne Adams is for Moggy, a halter wrap! Swoon! I'm going to make the glam Estevez frock, perhaps in black with a black chiffon top panel. Ooh how glam!
I love the Tammy frock, and am seeing it in gingham, and who doesn't need a classic high waisted pencil skirt pattern, hmmm?

Friday, July 13, 2007

When the aussie dollar goes high, the frock ladies go shopping

These are courtesy of the interweb, from the lovely lady at Out of the Ashes Collectibles
So, we have a midriff dress and short jacket (the back midriff piece is missing, so it was super cheap, but I should be able to fudge it).
A chevronable frock: Nice all in one collar by the look of it. I wonder if she would work in Building Blocks?

Then for a bit of a change (2000 isn't exactly retro) there is one of those 'infinite dress' thingies that you can apparently wrap a squilion ways. I rather fancy it for a tripfit - i could make it from something supercheap and see.

Talking of tripfits, Mela Purdie make some nice stuff (and some shapeless smocks) but it is oh so spensy - but good for inspiration. I want to make a version of that highwaistable skirt...

Well, you need something to wear with all these frocks

I'm going all crazzzzy for the heels. These both have that platformy bit under the ball of the foot that makes them not so high for your foot, but high for your height. That doesn't make sense, but I'm sure you know what I am getting at.

I'm going to paint the heel of the black ones black though. The natural leather look ain't working for me.

So, now I need high-heelable events!

PS that's the cut-back cement floor. Do you like my aggregate? Although it's going to get painted over in black I think. A bit like the shoes...

Floral necky

I call her necky, I mean, she's all about the neckline isn't she? I made her in black eyelet the first time.
Here she is with a 2.5cm navy ribbon belt:

Here she is with a narrow pale blue ribbon belt:

Here she is with a thin navy ribbon belt I prefer the thin navy ribbon I think. Another contender for fifties fair-age? (Weather permitting)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sneak preview

...of today's frock. It's late, she's finished, but the photo shoot will have to wait until daylight. The new shoes are perfect with her!

(edited on Monday to add: There shall be no daylight photos today, oh no there won't. It's dark, rainy and cold! Stay tuned)