Sunday, November 23, 2008

Frockaversary frocks.

I promised Kitty I would make frocks as penance for missing our blogaversary. In a rare fit of over achievement, I made three (well, two and a half since one still needs straps)

1) Cherryspot - I cut this one out last week and sewed it on Saturday:
- another version of the 1970's Style 6388, with the straight skirt from Vogue 9668 frankensteined onto it.

2) New Look 6557 View D with straight skirt from New Look 6699 instead of the full skirt.
This is in honour of my recent visit to Assisi - it is St Francis in all sorts of poses with his friendly sheep, wolves, goats etc. When I got it Kitty reckoned it looked like he was standing on clouds of algae, which is quite true if you look.

3) (or 2 1/2) - Style 6388 View 3 (without the band) out of some lovely black cotton broderie anglaise with a lovely border that I used for the top and the skirt hems. I haven't decided if I am going to line it or just wear different coloured slips underneath (it is seethrough without one, being broderie anglaise).
The material isn't really suitable for straps, so I will have to find some lace or grosgrain ribbon or something else suitable.

New Look 6515

Another work top for summer, if summer ever gets here. It's been windy, rainy and cool today.
Hence the indoor, fuzzy pics.

This is New Look 6515, in cotton voile I bought at Spotlight.
I used bias binding instead of facings, and raised the neckline about 2cm so I don't have to wear a camisole under it if it's really hot. But silly me found out too late that raising the neckline meant I should extend the cross over a bit, hence the vertical piece of bias binding near the bustline there.
It's only for work. It's ok.