Saturday, May 16, 2009

'nother fauxlero

Made another Vogue 2980 this afternoon. This time with the long sleeves, in the knit I bought from Darn Cheap back in February.

What more can I say? I love this pattern, so quick to make and nice to wear.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

my weekend

I decided I need some more staples (no, not office supplies... mmm, office supplies) rather, I needed some skirts and tops.

Two skirts with some help from Madame L'embroidery Machine:

The grey one was actually made last weekend and is reversible - cherry one side, swallow the other. I didn't put a picture of the black one, just the atomic boomerang, because I couldn't get a good picture.

Note: while I think these skirts look daggy in pictures, they are actually saucy in person. I used the bottom half of the McCall 5700 dress I used for the shamrock frock which makes for a nice highwaisted skirt (they are both out of doubleknit with a wide elastic waist, as I will wear tops over them)

I made a shortsleeve version of Vogue 2980 Fauxlero in a lovely soft snowleopard print knit

The instructions aren't the best. I'm going to make this again soon, so I am telling my Future Self to remember to put the side pleats on the inside, not the outside, since it is a bit puffy this way.

I also made the Vogue 2925 quick top (with side bewb gathers) as trialled by Kitty. Once again this looks daggesque in the pic and on Jane, but better on (yeah, yeah, I should take pics on me then shouldn't I?)

I also did some practice stitch-outs on some felt. Love those beakers!
These designs are from Embroidery library -they have some cool designs and are very helpful. I got some excellent Dia De Los Meurtos and robot designs as well.

I also reorganised the sewing bench and pegboard to make room for the embroidery machine and supplies
and contemplated a retro lab look for my bathroom (hopefully to be renovated at the end of the year)

Simplicity 6990

Dress for Signorina Quattro's birthday next month:

It's vintage simplicity 6990, in the 1970s seersucker bought at the vintage fair last month. It has an 8.25cm hem, so it can be let down as she shoots up.

Edited to add:
I made a reversible pursible for her too! I made it a little bigger than half size, for cuteness! It's reversible, but I used the same fabric for both sides: