Monday, August 01, 2011


I was in Melbourne the weekend before last, to visit family and friends, and Moggy and I went fabric shopping. I bought two dress lengths, a lovely teal wool blend knit, and this disco sparkly fabric, half price at Lincraft:

I used the same pattern I used for Shirr-ley, but modified it by drawing 7cm extra at the shoulders to form cap sleeves, and instead of shirring the waist, I put in a casing for a narrow elastic waist for some shape. I made a cord belt for a bit of extra disco pizazz!
The fabric is quite sheer, and feels a bit nylon-y and rough, so I lined it in a thin black poly knit.
I rarely line dresses, I prefer to wear a slip if necessary, but this fabric really needs a lining. It took me a few goes to get it all turned around the right way. I really should look things up online or in one of my sewing books before I try it; that would save a lot of time and unpicking. Maybe that can be next year's New Year Resolution!