Monday, March 11, 2013

More travel wardrobe

 How is it that it has been so long between postings? It's not like we haven't been sewing, just not posting - how remiss!

I'm off to Europe at the end of March so of course I've been tripfit sewing. You'd think that by now I'd have the perfect combo of clothes but making / sourcing a new wardrobe just seems to be part of the planning.

I'm going for all of April. The trip includes Bangkok, London, Reykjavik in Iceland, Edinburgh, Germany (Berlin, Cologne and other bits to be determined) and Paris, with average temperature in Bangkok 35c (95F) and Iceland 0-5c (32-41F). So it's an interesting challenge to keep it to carry on - under 10kg (22lb) so there will be lots of layering going on, with various silk and merino underlayers going in the case and a cardigan and wrap or two.

I'm finding Pinterest very handy for planning - you can add and subtract outfits and bits and pieces (although still no ability to move the pics around which is a little frustrating). I'm taking a couple of existing pieces (leopardskin frock - either this one, or this) and some assorted plain tops.

I've been looking at Metalicus clothing because The Fabric Store has a roll of their standard black knit. I did try some of their clothes on but lets just say 'one size fits all' is never true... so I thought I'd try making my own so I don't get mistaken for a sausage in Germany.

Anyway, the knit is opaque but not too thick, and no need for ironing of course. So I've made a dress, a wrap cardigan, and a black pencil skirt (not shown because, well, it's a pencil skirt...). I used New Look 6735 to make the long cardigan as well, but I don't have a picture of that. Not that these pics are that detaily, black will do that of course. The t-shirt top in the pattern is great with a really nice banded neckline - I just did a simple lengthening to make it into a dress.

knit dress - New Look 6735 top
extended into dress

New Look 6149 - Knit Top

I also made a version of McCalls 6163 - I left the collar off and put a 2.5cm band on the neckline.
I made this out of a lovely silk jersey I got at Rathdowne Fabrics a month or so ago. Very soft and drapey and folds up nice and small, and silk jersey feels so luxurious to travel in.

McCalls knit dresses 6163  
As usual I'm struggling with sewing for cool weather when it is hot - that glow you see on my head up there is the sun, it's been a record run of hot days here - over 30c (86F) for over a week, which is unusual for March as we are meant to be moving into Autumn. It's too hot in my sewing room after 11am so I've just been doing morning sewing.

Roll on Reykjavik!