Saturday, November 16, 2013

Copying a vintage frock

I have always loved this barkcloth vintage dress I bought years ago.  It's a bit shabby so I haven't worn it much as a result.  I don't want it to totally wear out.  It was lovingly handmade by someone many years ago.

I found this fabric online (vintage they said, but it must be new old stock as it is pristine) and the weight was perfect to try to reproduce the vintage frock:

It is the same weight as barkcloth, but it has more of a pique-like texture.  

I folded the original frock in half and traced the front and back necklines onto a bodice tracing from another pattern with similar style lines.  I love the low back on this frock.  It seems saucy, but is high enough so the bra doesn't show.  The straps turned out a bit narrower on my version, I probably fudged adding the seam allowances or something.  I like the look though.

I made a one piece facing and used this tutorial to make a half-circle skirt
The original dress has a full circle skirt but my fabric was too narrow and I only had 3 metres anyway.  I only just realised in time that the fabric is directional too, so I had to cut two pieces of fabric and lay them out so the flowers wouldn't be upside down on the back of the skirt.  The skirt has side seams now, which is fine by me.

Here she is:

 Perfect for Christmas drinks parties, which are coming up scarily soon!