Saturday, December 05, 2009

Olive surplus

Despite having a giant stash under my cutting table (12 x 55l boxes! eek!) I can't resist buying more when I see it. I went past Cleg's in the city last night and found some sludgy green poly-lycra crepish knit... it's one of my favourite colours at the moment so I couldn't resist. $5.95/m was also a bit irresistible.

I pondered what to make last night. I decided something wrappy-drapey would be good, so I thought of the very popular New Look 6429 (which I am wearing today for inspiration). Such a comfy dress and one that takes longer to cut out than sew...

However I decided to make a few changes. I put 5 cm through the torso since the other one sits a bit high.
I used clear elastic inside the turned-over neck so it wouldn't gape. I may have gone a bit overboard, but the gathers are in keeping with the side gathers and the back so I think that works OK (if I don't like it after a few wears I should be able to take some of the elastic out)
I also decided to square off the back bodice point and put on a straighter skirt with gathers:
It sits a bit lower than I planned, but I think the effect is rather 1940s which is just fine by me!

The colour doesn't come up too well in the pics - it's more like this text (note to self: learn some more html)


kitty said...

Mmm sludgy green. Lovely!
I like your modifications, but not being familiar with the pattern (which is not to say I don't own a copy, I very well may) I didn't realise there was back interest!
It's a winner.

moggy said...

There's not usually so much pack interest... I put it in. Is that cheeky of me?

moggy said...

Oops that should read 'back interest'.

Anonymous said...

Love the gathering in the back.

Carol said...

Olive is one of my favourites at the moment, too. I like the dress and I think you can do a lot with that colour. Add browns and greens to tone it down, or add cerise or red to perk it up. Good all seasons colour, I think.

Anonymous said...

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