Saturday, June 06, 2009

Not much sewing going on

It's been ages! I think winter is slowing me down. I've had a cold, which involved having a simultaneously blocked and runny nose. How does that work? Anyway, it wasn't conducive to spending much time leaning over cutting out and marking fabrics, if you know what I mean. Ew.

I have managed to cut out one knit frock , and am hoping to sew it up tomorrow. It's an experimental frock; I'm trying to copy a cute dress my friend S saw in London. She took photos (in the changeroom) of frocks she thought I'd like. What a fine friend.

There has, however, been midnight online shopping. I bought a whole heap of presser feet from Gone Sewing.

Today I dragged out the machine to test them out. They all fit yay!

First up, a walking foot:
Worked fine. I might try this out on the knit frock tomorrow.

Then, an adjustable bias binder foot:

This one I couldn't get to work so well with 12mm bias binding, the fabric kept slipping out.
This is likely operator error.

It worked fine with 25mm binding:

I also bought a teflon foot, for those sticky fabrics...which I don't use, but maybe I'll make some oilcloth bags sometime, you never know:

The piping feet are a revelation! Perfect inseam insertion! I tested this one really hurriedly and it still turned out great. The feet were a bit tight to fit on my machine (as in the snap-on bars seem a little less wide than they should be), but a bit of a wiggle got them on: