Monday, December 30, 2013

Foldy shopping bag

I hope you all had a Merry Merry and such.

I went to the Spotlight sale today. 3 for $10 patterns and 40% off fabric!  The sale is on until Wednesday, which is New Year's Day.  (Most Spotlight stores are open, not my closest one though.)  I came back with NO patterns!   I hoped some would jump out at me; I got through one and a half pattern books then my attention span failed me.

I bought 1 metre each of these cotton drills:

and traced my current favourite fold-up shopping bag, and now I have a foldy shopping bag out of the Mexico travel poster fabric: 

I added a tab and snap because one of the problems with my current shopping bag is it has a separate little sack you put it in once you've folded it and I am so going to lose that. (Half the time I can't find the sack in my handbag and I end up just stuffing the bag in unfolded, which is not ideal.)  

The tab is attached in the middle between the handles and I just folded the bag up and marked where the snaps should go.  I practised folding a few times before I put the snap on to make sure I found the best folding size and position.  Whether I can reproduce it in the wild when the pressure is on remains to be seen.

Have a fabulous and safe NYE all!