Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sunfrock season

I may join you, Moggy, in the perpetual picnic theme for summer. I won the pattern I was after for cherries and rick rack, and here she is.

Baby blanket update

The baby shower is this weekend, and the theme is 'dress like a lady' apt. I can do that.

I think I may have even inspired the theme, and as you well know Moggy, I AM an inspiration.

So, here is the blanket, finished and blocking (two weeks to spare. Excuse me for not blogging earlier, but it is a frock blog after all). Blankie's now in a box ready to go, with a lemon tart, to the shower. I think the floral necky, pale blue ribbon belt, pale blue shoes and bag. Lady-like enough for you?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Happiness is a parcel (or three) in the mail

From the top, 2 rago waist cinchers, in black, one for me, one for a friend. Great to waspify the waist for the vintage fashion good times.
Then, another 10 balls of the yummy yarn treehouse green wool, of baby blanket fame, bought on ebay. I'm still deciding what it will be, but I'm all about the short sleeved knitted tops lately.
Then, Trashy Diva silky goodness! An eeeeevil enabler who shall remain nameless (*coughmoggycough*) alerted me to the final sale of some of the items I have been eyeing on the site. Forced me to buy a skirt and two blouses she did. AND order a blouse and skirt for her too, to be picked up on her next Sydney sojourn. Pics later if I can calm down from the excitement of three simultaneous deliveries. It's all a bit much and I think I need a lie down.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Am I blue?

There is a lot of blue frockness coming out of the Kittyhaus lately. Finished this today (excuse the bumpy hemmage, I'm hoping that will improve if I press with a damp cloth. This dang bengaline fabric doesn't let go of its creases easily, so I recommend unfolding and rolling it up if you are storing it)

I found some braid that looks just like piping at Remnants Warehouse in Marrickville, but you sew it on flat. I wasn't confident about piping a curvy peterpan collar in super stretchy fabric, so I was happy to handsew the braid on the edges of the collar, and I machine sewed it on the belt.

I piped the armholes, well, it's really just the bias binding facing which I left poking out a bit, on purpose, but still! Matchy!