Saturday, February 07, 2009

Repeating myself

So despite the sizzling summer heat, after I went for a lovely swim at the swimming hole this morning (a harbour clinking, mansions overlooking my world-class Esther Williams impressions, nets to keep the sharks out...what's not to like?) I managed to whip up another Simplicity pinafore, in the same houndstooth I used for the burda skirt in the last post.

The black version is really a wearable muslin; this one is the real deal. (Although I only ever make wearable muslins, if I make any at all. No calico for me! There's plenty of cheap black wovens and knits in the world I figure.) This drapier fabric suits the pattern better. I interfaced the yoke pieces this time, and used some stretch poplin for the yoke lining. I particularly like the pleats under the yoke. Sassy!

I wore it out to dinner tonight, with red sandals and a big red apple pendant.

(Oh, and to the lovely people who nominated us for a Kreativ Blogger Award, thank you! I think everyone who sews and/or knits rewards themself by having a fantastic creative outlet, and if they blog too, well that's great for the rest of us! So I won't further the's too hard to choose. Instead I pledge to comment on the blogs I visit more often this year. I'm such a slack commenter!)

Monday, February 02, 2009


I have been wearing the black version of burda 7947 so much, I made another version this weekend, this time in houndstooth stretch cotton. I topstitched this time.