Sunday, September 19, 2010

Handsome Dove

After commenting on Kitty's lovely popover re: not sewing my sludgy green frock I thought I may as well go and make a start on the frock, which I cut out yesterday.

I bought the pattern a year or so ago at Lost & Found in Smith St for the princely sum of $5. Mid seventies I'm thinking - I'm not a huge fan of the 70s, but some of the patterns can be great if you don't use orange and brown polyester. Unless you want to of course!

I got the fabric from the Vietnamese lady on Smith St yesterday - not sure of the fibre, it's a nice drapey knit.

Being a knit, I left out the zip. This meant it only took two albums to sew - Lost Souls by The Doves and Last Days of Wonder by The Handsome Family - hence her name (Handsome Dove) and the fact that she now exists when she didn't at 4pm.

As I hoped, she's turned out rather Joan Holloway. Hurrah!

Rick rack pop-over

(I should have pulled it down at the front a bit, there are red buttons on the shoulders)

I took to wearing a cotton frock over my swimsuit last summer, so I could pop into a cafe or go to the shops on the way home from the beach. I was using the floral vintage frock I bought at the Alameda flea market.

The metal zip on that frock was a bit burny on hot days, so I decided to make a pop-over frock for this year.
I have had this rick rack print fabric for a few years, and looked through the pattern stash for a frock with a centre front seam I could chevron.

I found Simplicity 8024, and used the view shown in white, second from the right. Because I cut on the bias to do the chevron, I was able to forgo a zip altogether, yay!

Quick and easy, swingy and breezy!