Saturday, July 05, 2008

$5 knockoff

A couple of years ago, when shopping with Kitty in Sydney, I bought this $5 top. I really like the shape of it, and have been looking for a pattern to make myself another in plain black. The closest was a Jalie 2794 but those patterns are only available overseas and are quite spensy and it's not quite the same and so on.

So I decided to get the Kwik Sew 3338 that I've used before to make a plain long-sleeved t-shirt (I have decided that plain t-shirts, while practical, don't do much for me). I put the traced off pattern up against the $5 top and finangle it about to get the same shape. The front is one piece from the neck down and two side bits that go up to the shoulder seams.

Great explanation, isn't it?

Here's the result - I am rather pleased. One more tripfit done!
Note it didn't cost $5 - I used leftovers from something else and a pattern I already had.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Girly skulls

I've been a bit of a sewing fiend lately, despite the very pleasant and sunny winter we are having in Sydney so far. Why leave the house for walks on the beach, or lunch in an outdoor cafe, when you can hunch over a sewing machine in a draughty kitchen? Not me!
This is what I came up with for the skull jersey I bought last week. I used the sleeveless blouse pattern, but changed it to a pull-on top. I didn't think buttons would sit well anyway on this floppy fabric. I cut a v-neck so I could get it over my head.
I haven't tried it on with the pinafore yet, but I think it will suit it well, and give the sweet pinny a subtly sinister edge.

Monday, June 30, 2008

One of them "work in progress" thingies

I'm making a coat. All lined and pockety and everything (extra inside pockets because I am making it as part of the European tripfits). I had to make the lining pattern and the pockets 'cos they didn't come with the pattern (New Look 6736). And I had to go out for lunch. And afternoon tea, and and and...

That is my excuse for not finishing it in one weekend. Here it is in progress:
I chose a sort of citron-celadon stretch satin for the lining, and the main fabric is a nice smooth doubleknit.
I have enough left over for either a skirt, or even a pinafore, or maybe some trousers.

I'm kidding, I mean this one:
These are the Kwik Sew 3115 yoga pants, which would be comfy for the 24 hours we have to be on the plane. I'd make 'em with a wider waistband so one could do the fold over thing like the January tripfit skirt (which for some reason I don't have a pic of, so I shall have to reference Kitty's)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sister Navy of the Beutrons

...that's what Moggy suggested I call her. I had to take her in and up a lot to prevent that 'novice nun' look. I took in the bodice and armscyes a bit too much perhaps because putting the sleeves in became a challenge. I had to reshape the sleevecaps to fit them in, but I managed. The stretch of bengaline keeps it all comfortable and I can still move!

I probably took it in too much across the chest, looking at it now, but hey, no one will notice because they'll be checking out how that huuuuuge white collar matches my pasty white skin.