Saturday, June 21, 2008

Patterns, purloined and otherwise

One of the perks, for me, of being invited into Moggy's sewing studio is raiding her stash of vintage patterns, and making off with some patterns in my size.
Here are the latest ones to find their way back to Sydney with me:

I am slightly obsessed with that green frock with pockets on the far left in the top pattern, and might muslin it in black this weekend.
Oh, and I found pictures of the other three patterns I bought from Out of the Ashes:

Loving the red and blue frocks in the first one, the collar tie on the middle frock, and the sleeveless blouse in the last pattern.

Friday, June 20, 2008


I bought some patterns from Out of the Ashes, including these:

I'm on a 60s kick now. Moggy and I had a sewing evening last Friday in her swanky new sewing studio, making a 60s frock for our friend, S. A whole load of girly fun was had by all.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pillow of society

While Kitty was here she encouraged me to take up the fine four-for-$30 cushions deal at Dog's Breakfast on Johnson St in Fitzroy (note: four cushions are not easy for one person to carry. Second note: even with two people carrying said cushions, it is not advised to go into narrow shops selling cones of overlocking thread - cushions have corners, y'know).

Anyway, this means that I can finally use the stash-o-barkcloth I bought at least a year ago in Cushion Anticipation:

Here is the first one - I like to call him Mr Plumpy (that is also the cat's winter name, but I'm sure he won't mind).

Note to self: take pictures of cushions the right way up. I tried to rotate the picture, but it just looks odd...

Edited to add: Here is the whole Plumpy family. I do like furnishings, so dashed quick to sew!