Sunday, May 22, 2011

Back on the sewing horse (clothes horse?)

 It seems absolutely ages since I posted, or indeed sewed. This weekend, aided by the lovely autumn weather, I remedied that terrible oversight.

Still haven't learnt to take a decent picture though.

On the right: New Look 6000 in brown ponti. I did the boat/scoop neck instead of the collar, and extended the shoulders to make cut-on cap sleeves instead of the ones in the pattern (much as I love the cuffed sleeves, I was being... lazy is the only way to say it).

I was pleased with the result. Although seeing Livebird's collared-and-cuffed version, i think I'll have to make the effort next time!

I also made a slip from Sew-knit-n-stretch #212:

This ended up being quite quick to make, and turned out rather nicely. I made it from lace and a stretch satin I had left over from a previous slip project: