Thursday, August 06, 2009

I haz bizzy

I've been trying to make more productive use of my time off, to whit:
Shirring! (inspired by Kitty) - for some reason this took me a few goes to get right (hint- don't wind your elastic on your bobbin too tight). This is from a Simplicity pattern (I think it is an 80s one) for a peasant-blouse style dress. I used fold over elastic for the neckline and underwear elastic (!) for the sleeves. Here is before shirring and after shirring:
I made this a week or so ago out of some lovely sludgy green seersucker.
The pattern is a 1951 top half and the standard ol' a-line skirt (the original had a panelled one which didn't fit on my yardage). I've mislaid the pattern for the moment. Vintage buttons from Buttonmania sale earlier in the year.
I got out the embroidery machine and calavera'd a cardigan (embroidery design from Urban Threads).
I also did a bit of mending, but that doesn't merit a picture.