Sunday, February 07, 2010

Luaus and sewing rooms

I'm having a housewarming luau in a few weeks, and not surprisingly I have a few tropical frocks to choose from.

I think I have decided to wear flamingos (see the last link above), but as I'm thinking more of a 60s-Blue-Hawaii-Elvis-movie -theme-luau, a wiggle dress seemed appropriate, so I took her in, and up.

Here she is now, along with a sneak peek of my new sewing area, wooo! (I love the old telephone desk I got at auction, but I can't fit my sewing machine and overlocker on it together, so it may be replaced when I find just the right desk) Not as fab as Moggy's purpose built sewing studio, (no, I'm not envious AT ALL), but I am just so happy to have a place where I can keep my machine set up!
Is it bad form to leave your guests for frock changes? I'm having trouble deciding which frock. Help anyone?

Also, I think I have found just the right fabric in the stash for a machine cover, what do you think?