Sunday, August 03, 2008

One day, two frocks

Well, I didn't make them both today. I made this today though so two posts! I had the happy experience of this turning out just as I imagined it would. Yay!

It's Vogue 3013, a pattern which includes pattern pieces for short, average and tall figure heights. I made view D, average. (average is 5'4" to 5'8" it says. I'm right in the middle there)

Also it has instructions to make it in muslin and in fabric, and you refer back to the muslin instructions some of the time to make it in fabric. This means a lot of jumping around the instruction sheets, substituting basting for stitching, but fortunately view D was pretty simple so I didn't use the instructions much. I didn't have to alter anything, so this will be a good sloper pattern for me once I trace all the bodice views.

It also says to wear with 'novelty belt'. Moggy suggested a belt with chickens on it.
I tried it on with a black belt, which wasn't a good look. I think a self fabric belt would just get lost in the busy print. I'll leave her beltless I think.

Excuse bra straps here. I tried it on with the bra I had on, and I have since discovered I have another bra which hides under the frock straps really well. (I also haven't put a hook and eye above the zip yet, but the light was fading so I had to get my photos in a hurry)

I love the fact that the fabric (vintage, from Surry Hills market) is like the fabric illustrated for view A (average, top left). That's what decided me on this pattern for this fabric.

Oh and I did a machine blind hem on this one, and kept it. Much better than trying to choose a colour for a machine hem.

Should I wear this one, or this one to the fifties fair later this month?


moggy said...

Lordy, that fabric similarity is spooky!

She's lovely. I don't know, perhaps we need to have a mid-fair frock change? I too am wavering between full skirted (rekkid) and slim skirted (hello sailor).

Should I bring a spare net petticoat in case?

kitty said...

Ooh frock change! Now you're talking.

Lisa said...

Oh, the slim skirted one!!!!!! However, a frock change would be the best of both worlds!

Nadia said...

You look amazing!