Saturday, November 06, 2010

Frock catch-up

*Updated with proper picture of red dress*

I've made a few things lately but been rather slack with the posting, so here are my last two weekends' efforts:

First up, a Halloween frock. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but I love the imagery. I wanted to wear this to work, so I didn't use any of my myriad skull fabric. This is one of the quilting prints I got this time last year from Beaver Creek Quilts. Good old Butterick 6522 again. I wore her on Friday and got some unsolicited compliments on public transport!

This picture of one of my kitties will give you an idea why I had to have that fabric!

The other frock was today's sewing. Kitty got some lovely red ponti at Spotlight during the week, so I nipped out and bought some too (I also bought some snakeskin knit fabric, which I started to cut out but it is a bit slippery so it is sitting half cut on my table).

It was screaming out for a Joan Holloway dress (don't you love how that's become code for a fab fitted retro frock?)
I dug this pattern out of my stash:

It's a 36, which is a size or two too small. So I did my lazy lady's grading and added 2cm to both the front and back centre seam/fold, did a bit of reshaping of the neckline so it wasn't too wide... and voila!

The instructions for that middle bit were a bit of a pain but it has worked out just fine.

Here it is on me. Do you think I need to dust my mirror?

And here she is on me!