Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Love and New Look 6968

I realised today I hadn't blogged about my new love. She's a mid 1960s Singer 348, in her own sweet table. I bought her at auction, got her serviced and have been sewing away for a couple of months now. She came with cute little matching blue tool and a dozen cams for decorative stitches. She handles all thicknesses of fabric and I love the adjustable presser foot pressure. I've always wanted that, and now I have it. Sweet!
My other machine has been relegated to buttonhole service. Fortunately all my Janome presser feet fit the Singer, yay!
Here she is:

Lovely isn't she?

I used her yesterday and today to make New Look 6968. The fabric is a stretch bengaline, shocking pink shot with black, for a dupioni-like two-tone effect. It photographs a wine colour, but it looks more interesting in real life I think.

It turned out okay, but this frock is in my bad books a little due to the horrific collar instructions. I'm a bit traumatised. Apart from that, I didn't cut the collar pieces on the bias because I'm a smartypants who thought the stretch fabric would negate the need for bias. Learn from my mistake...the collar really should be cut on the bias so it sits properly. Mine doesn't and it's annoying.

The collar instructions are still horrific. I stand by that.

I only did a 1cm hem on this frock, it was this length straight out of the envelope. If you want it longer, or you're tall, you will need to lengthen the skirt pattern pieces. I usually have to cut off at least 5cm in length on New Look, so this worked for me, but check first if it's right for you!

Look what I found at Spotlight! A dead ringer for scribbly knit, but in a nice thick ponte! I had to have it, and I've already cut out another New Look 6968, with the plain neckline this time!

I'm posting this from my iPhone, using blogger+, so apologies for the dodgy phone pics. If this works, I'm going to force Moggy to get it and to post about fabric shopping when she's in Europe next month.

Edited to add a clearer pic of the frock.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


I'm back from New York. As the second photo suggests, I did go to the garment district. I spent a full morning there, and only bought one dress length of black wool double knit (from Chic fabrics on 39th St.) I really can't explain it, except nothing else took my fancy. The double knit is super nice though. I did go to Mood, which seemed to have everything, but nothing I particularly wanted. Had a fabulous time looking though!

Monday, February 07, 2011

What I've been sewing while not gallivanting in New York

I've been remiss with my posting the last couple of weeks - I'd say it was because Kitty was in New York and I didn't want to take over the blog while she's away... but that would be an excuse.

Anyway, since I last posted I've booked a holiday myself - there were super cheap fares for Brussels so I am off to Europe for a couple of weeks mid-March - Brussels, London and visiting a friend in the French countryside where I am already engaged to help sew some curtains!

Sadly I will miss the big fabric market in Brussels... but hopefully I'll find a fabric shop or two amongst the mussels and chocolate and frites.

Therefore I am thinking tripfits again... and I am dreaming of just taking a carry on bag - three frocks, a skirt, four tops (short and long sleeve), a coat and pashmina, a couple of pairs of shoes... I think the temperature will be a top of 15oC, but I wear short sleeves half the time when it's that temperature here so I reckon I think I'll cope... plus I think last time I was in London I saw a shop or two around the place.

So far my thinking is the scribbly frock from the last post, plus a long-sleeved black ruched-side frock (picture to come... those black frocks!) and a grey ponti pinafore I made the other week for that very purpose:

This should be warm and layerable... haven't done a test wear yet because it is still summery here. You can't go wrong with ponti + grey though!

This was adapted from Simplicity 2550 bought in the Xmas pattern shopping extravaganza - I used the skirt and cut a square neckline into the plain view of the bodice. I lined (bodice only) in some leftover black knit.

Not sure I'm entirely happy with the pleats in the skirt rather than darts, but I suppose I can always sew them down later.

I've also made a wearable muslin of McCalls 6081 from the same pattern shopping expedition, made from the etchy knit from the knit fabric shopping experience. I've worn it to work (with a top over as it is a bit bare) and around the house as a dress. It's a bit long as a skirt, so when I make the next one for travel I will shorten it a bit more.

Having said that, it may well be fine in the print as I seem to be going black and grey...

I also made a long sleeved top version of the wrap dress-top thingy from Butterick 5101 in black wool knit - again, photo to come.

I also made a completely nontravel related dress in big fat stretch woven spots, but the photo appears to have escaped from my computer for the meantime...