Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just for the record...

I'm off to see Wanda Jackson - The Queen Of Rockabilly! - in a couple of weeks so I thought I should make a frock for the occasion.

It so happens I had 4 or so yards of record print fabric (see first small pic on this previous stashpost) and a new Simplicity pattern (3774) to try out. It's one of those ones that you look at and think it is rather no-thank-you, but when you have a closer look realise it Has Potential:
Look at that sweet crossover bodice! Those little sleeves! Forget the aqua and pink abomination of a fabric...

So here is the bodice part - I frankensteined an almost full circle skirt on, but I am waiting for delivery of a couple of crinoline petticoats and shall wait to post the full thing until then.

EDITED TO ADD: I've stuck the with-petticoat pics on Sew Retro to encourage reluctant petticoat wearers out there.

The bodice is lined - inside there are darts rather than pleats, so it sits very nicely. I think the pleats might be lost a little in this rather *ahem* busy fabric, but they do make a nice shape.