Saturday, May 03, 2008

Not much of the dress...

...but a good view of my new gardening boots!

$29.99 at KMart. Made for me or what?

I will post a pic of the dress, honest!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Eiffel from Knitty

I started knitting this in September last year, (thank you Ravelry for helping me keep track of when I start and finish things, so handy!) The idea was to finish a jumper before winter. It's just so much fun to knit in winter; rugged up on the couch, watching true crime tv. Bliss.
My trouble is, knitting in winter means toasty jumpers just in time for spring at the rate I knit them (mostly. I have made a jumper in 10 days, but I was on holidays). Then I have to wait nearly a whole year before I can wear them. Then I forget where I have put them until the next summer.
Eiffel from Knitty.
I haven't blocked it yet, and it needs it. The lace will relax and it will lengthen a bit.
I made it with some 100% wool I found in a shop in Perth, near the Balga Good Sammys op shop. If I'm ever at home when the sun is shining, I will take a better, non-flash photo.
The wool was $3 per 100 gram ball, and I used two and a half balls- $7.50; velvet ribbon- $1.50 ; knitting time- priceless.

I pronounce her most wearable. Loving the neckline eyelets.