Saturday, September 05, 2009

All the fun of the fair

Sorry about the break in transmission there. Life kind of got in the way. I was doodling along in my comfortable rut, which is where I do my best work, and then something happened and dragged me out of my lovely rut and left me in a huge paddock, running free! It's all good though, but not much sewing, knitting or blogging got done.

Darn paddocks.

Anyway, I'm back, and especially for Livebird, here is the fifties fair update!

Um, we didn't take any photos at the fair. I admit it. I wanted to take my vintage handbag and my camera didn't fit in it, so no photos.

I didn't buy much at the fair either. I had put in an absentee bid at an auction the day before (not eBay, an actual physical auction house) on four boxes of vintage patterns, most in my size and mostly gorgeous! My natural optimism meant I was sure I would get them. Erm, I didn't, but the auction wasn't until the next day, and on fifties fair day it meant I wasn't motivated to pay $8+ for patterns. I was going to get over a hundred just the next day at a bargain price of course! Erm, no.

Back to the fair.

I wore this frock:
I didn't make this one, it's gen-yoo-wine vintage. I may have even bought it at the fifties fair one year, the memory's a little hazy.
I did buy a few little things, such as this hat:

and a half slip (no photo, have already mislaid said slip)

and three budgie pins, also mislaid, but maybe Moggy will post a photo of hers.

Of course, with Miss Moggy here for a weekend, we had to do some fabric shops.

This is my haul:

(Left to right: pink stretch silk seersuckery stuff from Just Remnants; navy cotton voile floral; and a floral mystery knit, probably cotton/poly by the feel...I bought it to make another Shirr-ley, the two fabrics on the right were from the website-less Pitt Trading)
I also bought some 100% wool jersey and some wool interlock from The Remnant Warehouse, but they are black so they photograph pretty much as a black blob. Be assured when I make them up into frocks you will see them. We also went to the Fabric Store in Surry Hills, where Moggy bought something but I didn't. I'll let Moggy fill you in on that if she so desires.

I was on a bit of a quest that weekend to find fold-over elastic, and success! Here (from the top); red and navy FOE, some black lingerie elastic (not fold over) and a divine black fold-over elastic with a little picot edge surprise.
Elastics from Pitt Trading (their address is: 274 Rocky Point Rd, Ramsgate, NSW) and Just Remnants, which is fab by the way and if you're in Sydney you should go there.